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partnering from Dr. Adam.  If you’ve tried to make changes in your lifestyle before with no success, having a partner and coach to help you through the choices can be very beneficial.  This program is meant for those who are ready to make the lifestyle changes necessary for living a healthy life.

Our wellness coaching program has two different tracks, and each one is tailored to a specific type of wellness client.  Please read below to learn more.

Our Two Program Tracks:

30 Day Lifestyle Reset 6 Month Path to Wellness

What Both Programs Have in Common

The general idea for both program tracks is to use the ancestral health model to minimize the mismatch between our modern lifestyle and what it was designed to be.  This model applies certain aspects of our ancestral lifestyle, which afforded our ancestors protection from the chronic illnesses like heart disease, diabetes, and cancer that plague our modern society, to our lives today.  The menu of our healthiest human ancestors was an omnivorous hunter-gatherer diet.  Their movement was varied, functional, and needed often.  Their mindset was free from chronic stress, necessarily focused on healthy social engagement, and connected with the created nature surrounding them.  Granted, their lives weren’t always a bundle of joy (running from lions, starvation, no emergency medical care, etc.), and rest assured we will not incorporate those aspects into the program!

Designed to quickly “reset” your mindset, menu, and movement to match a wellness lifestyle.  Although there is a two week preparation, the lifestyle change in this program is immediate.  This track is best if you:

This program track is a more gradual path to a wellness lifestyle.  Making a lifestyle change doesn’t have to be an immediate transition of your lifestyle to something drastically different.  This track is best if you:

The HCWC Wellness Lifestyle Coaching Program is meant for those looking for personalized coaching and